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Tulipe Capital, Family office Paris, real estate asset management, global advisory Paris,
Tulipe Capital, investment management à Paris, gestion sous mandat, Compagnie Immobilière des Victoires, Le Fond DEBRON Capital
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Tulipe Capital, family office, conseil en investissements immobiliers, France, Paris, Londres, Luxembourg, Bruxelles, Munich, Hambourg, Francfort


In 2009, after acknowledging the fact that leading private investors needed to reassess the allocation of their investment portfolios with a lesser emphasis on the financial markets and stronger positions on real-estate underlying assets, Jerémie IFRAH set up Tulipe Capital, a structure intended to help these investors acquire real-estate assets in the French and, in a second stage, European markets.

The company is now involved in three major business areas:

  • Global Advisory : Assisting private clients in their acquisitions and divestments in Europe : Sourcing of operations, management of the acquisition process, selection of the legal, tax and notarial advisors, selection of the banks and funding mechanisms
  • Asset Management : management of property assets on behalf of private clients
  • Investments : acting as an investor via Compagnie Immobilière des Victoires and the DEBRON CAPITAL fund

Tulipe Capital, serves a limited number of clients to better advise them and recommend high-profile investments, never losing sight of the fact that the real-estate criteria prevail over any other investment-related considerations:

- Good location

- Quality building

- High-quality flow of existing or potential rental income

- Healthy financial track-record

Starting from these foundations it is then possible to add up other financial and tax optimisation features, with an emphasis on enhanced financial leverage Corporate structuring.

Tulipe Capital serves a small number of active clients looking for:

- Full confidentiality

- Great responsiveness

- Wide-ranging competencies

Full confidentiality

For us, confidentiality is paramount, which is why we shall never disclose any client-related information without their prior approval. We would rather fail to seize on an opportunity rather than contravene, be it only partly, this primordial rule.

Furthermore, we essentially deal in so-called «off-market» operations, i.e. over-the-counter transactions that do not therefore involve a bidding process. These are transactions that we have previously identified via a reliable network of specifiers and institutional or private buy-and-sell operators who submit to us comprehensive and fully-audited business cases.

Great responsiveness

Tulipe Capital’s level of involvement in the operation is agreed upon right from the onset of the process and may range from full-fledged delegation to a step-by-step review with the client.

Wide-ranging competencies

Managing very specific objectives or very closely targeted requests, sometimes quite different from what a conventional investor would provide, is part of our daily routine and we are able to address any such demands thanks to our extensive network of professionals involved in all aspects of the real-estate business, finance and even beyond..

Our operational reporting is aligned with the methods of the leading Anglo-Saxon Asset Managers with whom our team members have all had previous experience. It is all about reliability, transparency and relevance.

The Company’s Chief Executive

Jérémie IFRAH

After 8 years in the busines of property asset acquisitions, 7 of which with GE Capital and then GE Real Estate Europe as their Deputy Managing Director for Acquisitions, Jérémie IFRAH has developed a sharp and well-documented understanding of this business area.

Throughout those years, Jérémie IFRAH marshalled the acquisition of close to €2 billion of investments, mostly full-ownership office buildings in Paris and the surrounding region.

He steered the purchase of the Société d’Investissement Immobilier Côtée (Real-Estate Investment Trust) and took part in the setting up and structuring of investment funds.

Besides, he acted as manager for the acquisition of very large size Parisian buildings such as the head-office of Laser Cofinoga in 2007 worth circa €150M and was in charge of setting up, marketing and selling portfolios of real-estate assets in Spain, Italy and Germany for close to €150M.

Today, as the senior director of Tulipe Capital, Jérémie IFRAH wishes to partner alongside with real-estate investors in their projects and assist them in their development in France and in Europe.

Jérémie IFRAH is the sole director of Tulipe Capital and the company’s capital is wholly owned by Jérémie IFRAH.

Tulipe Capital’s team of experienced and dedicated specialists includes two sales managers, two analysts and one management assistant.