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Because we mean to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, Tulipe Capital‘s mission begins well upstream from the search for targeted property and finishes when your investment has been fully completed, stable and secure.

Together, we analyse the investment profile (location, typology, yield and maturity of the investment) which best meets your demands, profile, tax situation and financial objectives.

Subsequent to this review, Tulipe Capital assists you in the following:

  • Sourcing of operations
  • Tax structuring of the investment
  • The due diligence process
  • Seeking funding for selected acquisition (Bank, Funds...)
  • Choosing advisors (notary, real-estate lawyer, tax counsel, real-estate engineer, environment counsel)
  • Choosing the Architect and refurbishing firms if the asset requires transformations and/or improvements
  • Choosing the Property Manager and Real-Estate brokers for the rental

Real-estate investment is a job to be entrusted with professionals, with thorough and multi-skilled expertise (architecture, town-planning, finance, etc.) so that the acquired asset may be actively managed and gain in market value until that day when it becomes opportune to sell it

The Tulipe Capital team can avail itself of all the competencies and experience needed to successfully manage your asset and/or property in accordance with your own objectives and under our guidance.

Tulipe Capital now manages a fund for and on behalf of its clients (the DEBRON Capital fund) Compagnie Immobilière des Victoires on behalf of its founder.

Real-estate investment is not just about purchasing said property. This is but the initial step in an active management process aimed at leveraging the potential of the assets. .

Tulipe Capital has the competencies and ressources to manage your real-estate investment throughout its entire process:

  • Rental management of the assets
  • Lease advertising and marketing
  • Assessment and follow-up of the retructuring/refurbishing/rehabilitation work
  • Supervision of the property administration (technical, administrative and legal management)
  • Implementation of the property transfer strategy (transfer in full, by parcels or units, etc.)

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the markets we operate in we strive to leverage the value of your assets to the full through active management for you to get the best possible return on your investment.

At Tulipe Capital, we believe that Asset Manager is a real expertise that requires knowledge and experience.

We have thus, for several years, been managing Compagnie Immobilière des Victoires, a company wholly-owned by Jérémie IFRAH.

This company invests in so-called oportunistic operations alongside co-investors who are clients of TULIPE CAPITAL. We are thus in a position to manage the operation across the board.

Compagnie Immobilière des Victoires is the «Equity Investment» branch of Tulipe Capital, a pledge of quality and of our capacity to optimise the management of your investments insofar as we share your expectations and demands as real-estate investors.

DEBRON Capital is a real-estate fund fully managed by Tulipe Capital on behalf of its clients.

This Fund deals in high-value added operations under the stewardship of Tulipe Capital’s team and offers real value creation for the assets, its users and ultimately the shareholders of the DEBRON Fund.